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...because your most important software runs in the BackGrounD

We specialise in IT infrastructure. We design and build IT plumbing from the ground up to enable you to do your job. We bring to you and your organisation all our years of knowledge, expertise and personal integrity - we are


We employ only SMART people with extremely deep knowledge and understanding of the IT infrastructure. Simply put, we have to be smart, otherwise we would not be able to do the same job that large companies do with only a fraction of effort and cost. A minimum of 10 years of experience in any particular technology also helps to be considered an expert.

We have been helping our 100+ customers since 1996 in the world of challenging, changing and sometimes disappointing IT environment. While hardware and software change over time, we have been a STEADY component of major IT infrastructure solutions throughout the years.

We are a SMALL company. We don't have administrative layers or boundaries. We do what it takes, when and where required. Despite our size, we have delivered most important, most demanding and most complex IT environments currently in use across the world.

No matter what we do, IT infrastructure we design and build is always SECURE. More than twenty years on the internet. Thousands of deployed servers, many thousands of Operating Systems, tens of thousands of infrastructure software agents and applications. Never a security breach.

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